Our teachers and faculty are commit- ted to supporting parents in the impor- tant job of raising educating and loving their children. Our administration and staff are committed to continuously growing as a center through on going training, education, and professional development.Children respond to structure and find comfort in a stablelearning environment.
We strive to create an environment ripe for learning. Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate for each specific age group and presented in a nurturing fashion tailored to the needs of each individual student. Our weekly and monthly themes are geared toward using your child's innatecuriosity to stimulate his or her natural desire to learn.
Daily interaction with teachers and other children provide constant stimulation through numerous modes of play and are highlighted by a variety of opportunities for personal discovery and development.Motor skill development is one of our primary focuses at this stage as our students progress from "tummy-time" and rolling over intorocking, crawling, and walking.
We believe that our childcare is a very important extension of you and your child's family. As your child becomes involved in the daily routines they will see the connections between home and childcare in a friendly and supporting way. Our daily program responds to the needs and interests of the children, individually and in group settings.
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