Cheer-n-Grow Learning Academy is a place where I feel confident and safe to leave my child because of the up to date and new facility, friendly and devoted staff and a curriculum that I know will help my child learn and thrive in the future.

I love how close Cheer-n-Grow is to the train station and buses, it is very easy for me to drop off my child and go to work without going out of my way, as well it is a plus that the teachers are experienced educators where my child is enjoying going.

A big part for me in why I chose this facility is because of the devoted and accessible teachers, as well as the outdoor space that Cheer-n-Grow has which is very hard to find especially in the Bronx, I'm excited to have my child in this daycare.

I enrolled my child quite recently at Cheer-n-Grow and one of the most memorable things so far I have to say was when my child was describing the project and the mini-Thanksgiving feast they had at the school, I loved the fact that the teachers planned out this event because it was something my child will probably remember for a very long time.

Although Cheer-n-Grow is a new place, both the teachers and the director have so much experience that it is like the best of both worlds. When you walk in the spacious, yet cheery atmosphere you can picture your child going here, I know I did, and I love the fact that the rooms are separated by age group, so I know my child is learning at her level and interacting with kids her age.

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  • Cheer-n-Grow Learning Academy
  • 1926 Cross Bronx Expwy
  • Bronx, NY 10472
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